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Archives: Standby Power Data

Since 1996, staff at LBNL have been measuring standby power consumption of residential appliances. For more information about meters and metering protocol. Our current database — including measurements taken at the Florida Solar Energy Center and other institutions — contains over 1000 measurements. This page provides links to charts and tables that summarize the standby power database, as well as links to measurements and estimates from other sources.

You can also find extensive databases of standby power measurements for audio and video equipment in some of our DOE sponsored reports.

To learn about ways to reduce standby power consumption, visit out Reducing Standby Power page.

Power Measurements from the LBNL Database

Updated April 21, 1999

  • Summary Chart: a summary of our dataset showing minimum, maximum and median values for residential appliances
  • Summary Table: a summary of our dataset showing minimum, maximum and median power values, including links to tables showing individual appliance measurements
  • 1-Watt Products: electronic appliances that consume 1 watt or less in standby mode

Other Power Measurements and Estimates of Standby Power

  • Global Standby: estimates of international and global standby power use
  • Residential Tours: power measurements of standby power in several homes worldwide
  • Gas Appliances: standby power of gas appliances that have electronic functions

The material found on this page is considered archival. Please visit for the most recent information about Standby Power.