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Archives: Reducing Standby

Based on preliminary research conducted at Berkeley Lab and extensive research done elsewhere,it is clear that standby power can be reduced significantly. Alan Meier of Berkeley Labs has proposed a Global 1-Watt Plan, which calls for a reduction of standby power to one watt per appliance by 2010. Globally, a one-watt plan would lead to a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

In recent years the standby issue has received more and more attention from the international community. As a result, several programs have been designed to encourage manufacturers to reduce standby power in their appliances. For example, in the U.S., the EPA is now beginning to include standby power limits in their qualifications for the Energy Star program. However, since only a small fraction of existing appliances are covered by such voluntary programs at this time, international efforts are ongoing.

The good news for manufacturers is that there are many new and existing technologies that can be used to reduce standby power requirements. Check the Design Help section on the Links page for a list of companies and products that can aid appliance manufacturers in reducing standby power.

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