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Archives: Summary of the Global 1-Watt Proposal

Note: This Proposal was made in 1997.

The following points summarize our proposal for reducing the standby power requirements of domestic electrical equipment throughout the world. For most appliances, this proposal is both technically feasible and cost-effective. Currently, we estimate that about 5% of domestic electricity use is consumed as standby power. This proposal would eliminate about 70% of this electricity.

  • Standby power for all domestic appliances will be reduced to less than 1-watt per device.
  • 50% of all appliances manufactured in 2005 will meet this target.
  • These will be international goals, although each country can select its own method for making it happen. Possible methods are:
    • voluntary labeling programs
    • mandatory government regulations
    • mass procurement programs
    • standards established by IEC or domestic standards groups
  • There will be international collaboration on definitions and test procedures.
  • An internationally recognized symbol for appliances complying with the 1-watt target will be discussed and, if considered necessary, developed.

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