Alan Meier

Alan Meier

Energy/Environmental Policy Senior Scientist/Engineer
(510) 486-4740


I am a senior scientist in the Building Technology and Urban Systems Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

My other titles include:

I study how people and equipment use energy and opportunities to reduce energy consumption. I especially enjoy exploring aspects that are not measured or were overlooked (that's how I discovered standby power). I focus on buildings, equipment and, more recently, transportation. I approach these topics from many directions, including:

  • Energy test procedures for appliances (including thermostats, cars and trucks)
  • Field measurements of energy use
  • Technical potentials for energy savings
  • Economics and behavior related to energy consumption

Many people know me for my work on standby power use but my interests are actually much broader, including:

  • Technologies to reduce miscellaneous uses of energy in building (including the "Standzero" approach)
  • Market failures in the end use of energy – both quantifying and overcoming them
  • Designing more effective residential thermostats (which today control ~10% of U.S. energy use)
  • Off-test fuel consumption in vehicles
  • Saving electricity in a hurry (and gradually)
  • Comparisons of laboratory and field measurements of electronics and appliances
  • Supply curves of conserved energy
  • Real-time display of regional electricity demand and supply
  • Teaching concepts of energy use and efficiency
  • Passionately avoiding administrative responsibilities

Download PDFS: Most recent CV | Full list of my publications | My most frequently visited paper, "How to Review a Technical Paper"



Energy & Resources, Ph.D. Univ. of California, Berkeley 1982; B.A. Chemistry & Economics, UC Berkeley, 1974


ECEEE Summer Study Poster Award -  June 01st 2015

Alan Meier received first prize for his poster, titled "Japan’s 6 GW Lunch Break", from the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

"Unsung Hero" of Energy Efficiency Award -  February 22nd 2007

From the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) for his "unerring ability to identify important energy-saving opportunities that are so far ahead of their time...."

Energy Globe Award -  February 11th 2002

For An International Energy Agency project to reduce the waste of standby electrical power by common household appliances.

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