Miscellaneous Electricity Use in the U.S. Residential Sector

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In this study, we developed a detailed bottom-up model of the miscellaneous electricity end use. Using shipment data and a consistent stock accounting framework, we estimate the energy use of 97 product types of varying importance over a 34 year period (1976-2010). Our study has two components: a historical analysis of miscellaneous electricity use (1976- 1995), and an end use forecast (1996-2010). Our historical analysis is based on shipment data for the period 1976 through 1995. For the majority of product types, our miscellaneous electricity forecast is based on either industry projections of future shipments or ARIMA models. By disaggregating the miscellaneous end use into more than ninety product types, our study provides the product-specific information that is necessary for directing future research, policy, and public information efforts.

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